Month: September 2022

Pasta Salad

My Favorite Pasta Salad

There are as many pasta salads as you want, as the name suggests pasta is the main ingredient, but you can even choose different pastas to make it. Among the ingredients you can add as many as you want, or have at home at that time. Different fruits, nuts, cheeses, vegetables…And the same happens for the dressings. To give it a special touch I make it with fried garlic, but I’ve seen it from mustard vinaigrette, mayonnaise, and berries vinaigrette etc.

Butter Chicken
Curries, Dinner, Indian Cuisines, Lunch

My Best Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is an original Indian dish made with tomato, spices and butter. The chicken used is normally the breast or the thighs but without the bone, it is usually eaten with rice or naan bread. Lately people are very interested in Indian food, and this is not exactly a very spicy food and can be enjoyed by many people who don’t eat spicy food.

Prawn / Shrimp Pil Pil
Dinner, Lunch

Fabulous Prawn Pil Pil

Prawn Pilpil is an authentic delicacy in Spain, where it originates from. The truth is that it depends on the province where the meals may be called pilpil shrimp or garlic shrimp. The main ingredient is prawns accompanied by garlic in oil and chilies, although in some places you can also find them with parsley and paprika. They are usually served as an appetizer and it is a dish that you can easily find in bars and restaurants in Spain served as tapas.

Banana Pancake

Yummy Banana Pancakes

Who has not bought bananas and they have become too ripe before consuming them? Well, I have a solution to avoid throwing them away so they can be enjoyed in another way: Banana Pancakes. They come out delicious, very easy and can be accompanied by fruit, chocolate, syrup.


Easy Snickers Brownies

The original Brownie is a chocolate cake with walnuts and without yeast or baking powder, the result, according to tradition, of a culinary accident: a mistake by a cook who forgot to put baking powder in the chocolate cake he was making. But today it can be done in many ways, omit the nuts and add other ingredients such as almonds, pistachios, use more chocolates on top such as snickers, kinder Bueno, kit kat… the chocolate that we like the most.


Easy Way to Make Alioli

There are many ways to make mayonnaise, aioli is a form of mayonnaise but with a bit of spice that comes from garlic, that is, if we make a mayonnaise and add garlic, we will be cooking alioli. This sauce is ideal to accompany different meals like a potato omelette, chicken, or fish etc. Many people use light olive oil or sunflower oil to soften the flavor, although there are also people who prefer to do it with olive oil.

Tres Leches / Three Milk Cake

The Best Tres Leches or Three Milk Cake

Tres leches cake or three milk cake is heavenly. When put a spoonful in the mouth, you will feel the mixture of three different types of milk – evaporated milk, condensed milk and heavy cream. Being a sponge cake, it is full of bubbles and the spongy softness is unforgettable. Once I have started to make this cake for family and friends couple of years back, the tres leches cake has become of our party favorites!

Asparagus Soup
Lunch, Soups, Veggies

Wonderful Asparagus Soup

There are many ways to prepare a asparagus soup; the one that I have always liked the most came from my parents. While asparagus itself is very nutritious and full of fibers, when cooked with almonds, bread and eggs, it becomes a food that really will help your body! Not only that it is healthy, it is also very tasty. I personally like it during winter in a cold day to make my body feel warm.

Apple Pie

Flavorful Apple Pie

The flavor of apple pie made with good quality apples and the heavenly taste of it is what we are after in this post. Your loved ones will also appreciate the decorations and efforts you put in it. We can ask our kids to do the design and make them proud with the finished product! You can make shapes of hearts for your valentine, or flowers, or something else that your children like.

Butter Cookies
Breakfast, Kids, Snacks

Irresistible Butter Cookies

Butter cookies, specially when made for kids, will probably be custom made depending on who we are making it for. Does your child love unicorns? Or, a very specific Disney character? We can shape it to resemble anything that we want to. And, of course, we can color it the way we want to. And, the taste and flavors are also some important aspects that we need to consider.