Pico de gallo
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Pico de gallo – English

The tomatoes in my garden do not stop growing, I have been without tomatoes almost all summer and now they are all coming out at the same time, so I am trying to make recipes where I can use them. And this pico de gallo with avocado is ideal. Perfect to eat with those tortilla chips.

Ensalada de pimientos rojos
Dinner, Lunch, Salads

Red pepper roasted salad

I always remember that when I was little and I had this salad at home I loved it, but I never ate the peppers, although I liked the flavor they gave the salad. Now I cannot conceive of this salad without them and of course I eat them. And you know what I enjoyed the most??? Dip a bit of bread in the broth at the end once the salad is finished, with that dressing and that little bit of egg, leftover tuna…hmm I loved it and I still love it.

Boniatos al horno
Dinner, Lunch, Salads, Vegetarian, Veggies

Baked Sweet Potatoes

My husband came from the supermarket the other day with some sweet potatoes and the truth is that he did not know what to do. I thought that they would be very tasty if I baked them, but since I am a lover of salads I thought that the mixture of both would be great. Reminds me of the baked potatoes at the fair (In Spain).

Pasta Salad

My Favorite Pasta Salad

There are as many pasta salads as you want, as the name suggests pasta is the main ingredient, but you can even choose different pastas to make it. Among the ingredients you can add as many as you want, or have at home at that time. Different fruits, nuts, cheeses, vegetables…And the same happens for the dressings. To give it a special touch I make it with fried garlic, but I’ve seen it from mustard vinaigrette, mayonnaise, and berries vinaigrette etc.

Chickpea Salad

Refreshing Chickpea Salad

The refreshing taste of chickpeas, specially when made a little tangy with fruit pieces of your choice is one of our favorite salads in my family. My way of making a delicious Chickpea Salad is full of goodies that are beneficial to your body, tastebud and mind. It also has hints of some hearty Indian spices such as cumin and garam masala that are known for their healing qualities!

Lava/Volcano Cake

Caprese Salad

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