Sopa de brócoli
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Yummy Broccoli Soup

The other day I saw that I had some broccoli in the fridge that I had to use before I had to throw it away, and since it was a bit cold I wanted a soup. I started looking at recipes and this was the winner. The truth is that it was a success, at home they liked it a lot, an easy and quick recipe to prepare.

Asparagus Soup
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Wonderful Asparagus Soup

There are many ways to prepare a asparagus soup; the one that I have always liked the most came from my parents. While asparagus itself is very nutritious and full of fibers, when cooked with almonds, bread and eggs, it becomes a food that really will help your body! Not only that it is healthy, it is also very tasty. I personally like it during winter in a cold day to make my body feel warm.

Chicken and Mushroom Soup
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Delightful Chicken and Mushroom Soup

My Chicken and Mushroom Soup is going to surprise you in a delightful way. When a spoonful is taken in the mouth, you will taste the chicken and mushroom, with a flavorful sauce that is also tasty. The vegetables in it gives it a beautiful color and flavorful themselves. Dip your crackers and feel how it makes for a perfect lunch or dinner.