Month: April 2023

Dinner, Lunch

Satisfying beef chili

Chili con carne is a typical dish in America, it is a dish that is eaten hot, which is spicy and very nutritious with meat, vegetables, beans…. It is usually cooked with chili powder, but I have added chilli and paprika in this version to make it less spicy. Although on tastes the colors. I hope you like it and incorporate it into your weekly menu.

Mango lassi

Mouthwatering Mango Lassi

Now that it seems that winter is here, when a hot afternoon arrives, you feel like sitting in the sun with your good coffee or a refreshing drink like this smoothie or mango lassi. It is a very typical drink in India. It is a matter of putting all the ingredients in the blender and crush or beat them all well together and enjoy its flavor.

Pineapple cake

Delicious upside down pineapple cake

If you like pineapple and juicy cakes, you will surely love this pineapple upside-down cake. The recipe is very easy to prepare and it is a light dessert. I hope you like it as much as my friends.

Banoffee Pie

The Best Banoffee Pie

This dessert is a mixture of cookies, banana, caramel and whipped cream. It is a typical UK dish. It’s called Banoffee because it’s a mix between banana and toffee.

Nutella cake

Heavenly Nutella cake

As you know my daughters love Nutella cupcakes, the other day I didn’t feel like making cupcakes and I didn’t have the capsules so I said I could make her a Nutella cake and that’s what we did. The truth is that the flavor is the same and exquisite. Of course, they had to put their favorite chocolate on top.

Mushroom, asparagus and prawn risotto
Dinner, Lunch

Wonderful mushroom, asparagus and prawn risotto

For those who like sweet rice, this dish is an option to taste super rich rice, with an intense cheese flavor. There are many types of risotto, it all depends on the ingredients we use, from a lobster, to mushrooms, asparagus… Here is the recipe for one of my risottos.