Mushroom with shrimps
Dinner, Lunch, Snacks

Mushrooms with shrimps

This dish is ideal to accompany meat or fish, or even eat it alone with a couple of grilled eggs, or even with slightly flavored rice such as coconut rice.

Galletas arañas / Spider cookies
Breakfast, Desserts, Snacks

Halloween Spider Cookies

To make these cookies you have to follow the same steps as to make the butter cookies that my little daughter loves so much. The only thing that changes is the shape, which we will not make with any cookie cutter.

Coquitos o besitos de coco
Desserts, Snacks

Coconut Kisses

These snacks are very easy to make and very tasty, you can surprise coconut lovers,and for this recipe you only need three ingredients and that’s it. You can make them for a sweet table, for a party as an appetizer or even have them ready in case a visitor comes in the next few days after you bake them. You can keep it very well in a can, covered with transparent paper, even for more days you can put the can in the fridge. Cinnamon, vanilla, or grated zest can be added if you want a different twist. Be careful because they are addictive.

Butter Cookies
Breakfast, Kids, Snacks

Irresistible Butter Cookies

Butter cookies, specially when made for kids, will probably be custom made depending on who we are making it for. Does your child love unicorns? Or, a very specific Disney character? We can shape it to resemble anything that we want to. And, of course, we can color it the way we want to. And, the taste and flavors are also some important aspects that we need to consider.