Month: October 2023

Stewed Chops
Dinner, Lunch

Delicious Stewed Chops

Trying to look for new foods, I saw these chops and I wanted to try them, the truth is that I got the idea and then I added what I like and had at home. The truth is that the result was spectacular.

Halloween Nutella Donut
Desserts, Kids

Halloween Nutella Donut

My girls are crazy about their donuts, these are the same as always but this time they wanted to use those edible eyes that I have at home to transform the donuts into little monsters for Halloween. I hope you like them as much as they do.

Halloween Cookies

Funny and Yummy Halloween Butter Cookies

Halloween is approaching. So I’m sending Halloween-style cookies or snacks to my girls at school, they love it and so do their friends. I have used orange, purple and green to give the colors of this date and those monstrous eyes.

Puff pastry with Nutella

Wonderful puff pastry with Nutella

Who doesn’t like a crunchy puff pastry with a touch of chocolate. They are good for any occasion, they can be done in any way, you just need imagination and very little time for preparation.

Pumpkin cookies

Delicious Pumpkin Cookies

The month of September and October is pumpkin month and everywhere you go you see pumpkins. Here it is very typical to make bread or chocolate cake. The truth is that it is a delight when you make desserts, because pumpkin goes very well with chocolate, with spices, with cheese frosting…