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Tikka masala
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Chicken tikka masala

This chicken can be eaten perfectly with rice or even with tortillas, or naan, it all depends on what you have at home or what you fancy. It seems like a difficult recipe, but it isn’t, it seems because there are many spices involved… but I assure you that it is simpler than it seems.

Beef Curry
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Easy Beef Curry

Beef curry is among my oldest daughter’s favorite dishes. She loves to eat it with rice. Normally we do it with brown rice to make it healthier, although it is better to eat it with white rice and even better to eat it with a rice called Pilau (basmati rice with spices) I even put caramelized onions on top and some raisins when I am cooking and thus has a sweet touch.

Butter Chicken
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My Best Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is an original Indian dish made with tomato, spices and butter. The chicken used is normally the breast or the thighs but without the bone, it is usually eaten with rice or naan bread. Lately people are very interested in Indian food, and this is not exactly a very spicy food and can be enjoyed by many people who don’t eat spicy food.

Egg Curry
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Fabulous Egg Curry

Taste of eggs mixed with aromatic Indian spices, but keeping in mind the tolerance level of Western tastebuds – that’s my Egg Curry. My egg curry has been praised by all, Indians, Bangladeshis and Europeans alike. This curry can be eaten alone or can be eaten with pieces of Spanish/European hard bread as well as with traditional Paratha, Roti or Naan breads from the subcontinent.