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Butter Chicken
Curries, Dinner, Indian Cuisines, Lunch

My Best Butter Chicken

Butter chicken is an original Indian dish made with tomato, spices and butter. The chicken used is normally the breast or the thighs but without the bone, it is usually eaten with rice or naan bread. Lately people are very interested in Indian food, and this is not exactly a very spicy food and can be enjoyed by many people who don’t eat spicy food.

Butter Cookies
Breakfast, Kids, Snacks

Irresistible Butter Cookies

Butter cookies, specially when made for kids, will probably be custom made depending on who we are making it for. Does your child love unicorns? Or, a very specific Disney character? We can shape it to resemble anything that we want to. And, of course, we can color it the way we want to. And, the taste and flavors are also some important aspects that we need to consider.