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Nutella cake

Heavenly Nutella cake

As you know my daughters love Nutella cupcakes, the other day I didn’t feel like making cupcakes and I didn’t have the capsules so I said I could make her a Nutella cake and that’s what we did. The truth is that the flavor is the same and exquisite. Of course, they had to put their favorite chocolate on top.

Lava/Volcano Cake

Delicious Lava Cake

This is a match made in heaven, a delicious combination of hot chocolate and cold ice cream, eaten when the chocolate cake is hot and the ice cream is cold! Once you put a scoop of your favorite ice cream on the top of the cake, you will literally see we call it a lava cake as a hot stream of ice lava will start to move down with pieces of molten chocolate cake rock with it!

Desserts, Ice Creams

Perfect Cheesecake Ice Cream

Do you like the feeling of a creamy soft cheesecake that lingers in your mouth? What if you wanted to convert it into a delicious and mouth watering ice cream? I have come to know many people who avoid sweets, but not my Cheesecake Ice Cream. Why? Because it is the best! Do you want to know how to make it in a way that never fails and will always be a crowd pleaser?