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White Chocolate and Oreo Magnum
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White chocolate and Oreo magnum

This week I have made these ice creams with the help of my girls, my favorite cooks, it is very easy and they are delicious. This mix of crunchy white chocolate, with the vanilla inside with the Oreo bits… makes my mouth water. You will tell me.

Cupcakes doble nutella

Double Nutella Cupcakes

One of my daughters has become addicted to these cupcakes, so I have to bake them very frequently. The truth is that they taste very good and with these amounts I can make about 15 or 16 of them. She is in love with kinder bars, so sometimes before baking them I put a piece of her favorite chocolate, and when she finds it…. she goes crazy. The decoration may vary depending on the occasion, although the base remains the same. I hope you like the recipe and enjoy it as much as she does.


Easy Snickers Brownies

The original Brownie is a chocolate cake with walnuts and without yeast or baking powder, the result, according to tradition, of a culinary accident: a mistake by a cook who forgot to put baking powder in the chocolate cake he was making. But today it can be done in many ways, omit the nuts and add other ingredients such as almonds, pistachios, use more chocolates on top such as snickers, kinder Bueno, kit kat… the chocolate that we like the most.